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ejected as the suv flipped over hitting the patrol car. it's not known if these two daughters were wearing seat belts. >> it's just a tragedy that this morning i had to hear about this news and it was just so unexpected. >> the other daughter who was ejected is critical at stanford
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hospital. the chp says the rest were wearing seat belts and suffered injuries, as well. >> i'm saddened. i don't know how it all happened. >> family and friends say nisha tandell was getting married soon. >> she was looking forward to get married. i know that's where she was going to get married. >> and the chp officer who was sitting in his patrol car when the sdeaccident happened, he ha minor injuries. >> thoughts are with that family, thank you, georges. happening now, the fire and police department are at the scene of a man trapped in a storm drain. we are working only more details right now and we'll have more tomorrow morning on today in the bay at 7:00 a.m. memorial services will be held tomorrow for a young man who was shot and killed last week in an attempted carjacking in san jose. police say the 22-year-old was
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killed by two armed rob irs who went on a crime scene. they are accused of murder robbing four east san jose businesses. the suspect is in custody. police are still searching for a second suspect. a donation fun has been set up for the victim's burial costs. fire fighters respond at about 8:30 last night. captain lauren engler was in a stairwell. he is in stable condition right now. the department yuunits were damaged. ves ip ves gaitors believe it was accidental. >> walmart employees walk off the job.
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the retailer opened their doors to shoppers on tharngs giving night. employers say they rnt safe. at the walmart today, employees handed out fliers and carried signs. local union members joined the protest waging their support. >> a walmart spokesman called the headlines to mislead retailers. nine people are under arrest after a wall mart pmart down th spilled into the streets. police say they made the arrest after people refused to ghet off the streets. despite the protest, wall mart is reporting its best black friday ever.
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it's biggest selling item? towels. mo th more than $1.8 mill yonl of them. >> how did the early openings impact the shops? >> reporter: thaungs giving means something more than turkey. >> we are in crazy mode. for sure. >> co-owner jessica starkey does 25% of its annual business in the six weeks of the holiday season. >> we're downtown, oh, several times a week. >> i was born here. >>. and her husband. >> so you get to where you don't like to go to the big stores because there's crowds. >> they're aufl hoping the small business saturday markting
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campaign will help more ind pen dent stores. et's still hard to come peet. >>s r especially when the big box stores decided to extend saelt hours into thanksgiving. we do worry about that and we do question that. for us, as a small business, it's hard to keep our doors open. >> not quite as busy as last year. >> experiencing an interaction that transcends service, it's the chance that you may run into familiar faces. >> because we've lived here for so long. >> they're hoping their grandchildren will remember days like these and pass on that tradition. >> that hometown feeling. >> nbc, bay area news. >> well, if you're not a fan of big crowds and lots of chaos, then san francisco union square
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was not the place for you today. musicians played on street corners, protesters dem strated gerns fur, war and other causes. >> union square is fabulous any day. it's crowded. it's alive. there's a lot of energy here. >> just a few weeks ago, stockton was closed. the city cleaned up all the instruction equipment for the shopping season and everybody repaved the streets. >> some people took part in another holiday tradition: our very own christine loren gets the honors. >> o lirpic gold medallist was a feshl guest at downtown ice. it's the largest out door rink
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in the south bay. and probably one of the few places where you can skate under the palm trees. coming up, it's not just humans who are stepping up to donate blood anymore. >> bieber is sitting on the couch and saving dogs. >> dogs donating to heaven other dogs. see how it's done. >> plus, a yacht rescue on the san francisco bae. and the 49ers quarterback controversy rolls on. we don't know who's starting on sunday, but coming up in sporlts, the sign that chaked its coming. after a mild day, temperatures are real cold. mid to upper 40s in the nort bay. we'll track your weekend forecast. i'll have the if you will time line of that coming up in that 7-day forecast.
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authorities are looking into the cause of a natural gas leak. the blast happened in downtown springfield. fortunately, none seriously. police say it could have been much worse. very few people were in the area at the time because it had been evacuated earlier in the day after people reported smelling gas. the man bho played one of the most popular villains died. the actor was best-known as j.r. ewing on the popular nighttime
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dallas. he was battling a treatable form of cancer. he recently starred in the remake of dallas. hector camacho will be taken off life supportment his mother made the decision today, but asked that doctors leave him on life support until husband three children come from puerto rico to say good buy. so far, no areszs have been made. overseas, cairo's tahir square is filled with protesters today. now angry egyptians gave himself sweeping new powers and gave islamists free reign. clashes between pro and antiprotesters who fear a new dictatorship is forming spread across the country.
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more than 11 people were hurt. >> they're not going to easily lose their voice. somehow. >> today, the u.s. state department were called on all to settle their differences peacefully. >> more than 100 cars and trucks collided in heavy fog. nearly 100 people were hurt. a husband and wife were killed after being crushed by a big rig. police say many people jumped into action after that crash. >> so i juched in the car, cl e closed the dar and then we all just braced each other. >> i just ran to the nearest car and started yavnging people out. >> investigators say fog played a big role. they say it distorted driver's perception.
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>> their yacht started taking on water today. the coast guard and several harbor masters stepped in. calm weather played a big role. >> they weren't dealing with a lot of difficult out there. but, yeah, it's definitely -- they're uneasy. they want to get off. >> they were eventually towed into the marina for repair. >> we all know the importance of giving blood. there's a donor program in canada just for that purr posz. >> the quick buzz of a razor, he's prepped to give blood.
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the two-year-old is the perfect donor. large dogs are able to donate the same kwaunt of blood as a human. so in just a few minutes, the back is full. this little bag packs a big punch. conce >> just by coming in three times, four times a year. >> the blood bank is located in winnipeg. >> the blood bank has a satellite collection site and would like to set up another one here. >> here, it's about experienced
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handling, drawing blood, talking with clients. >> vanessa works at an emergency banks clinic. she knows firsthand how important donors are. for the dogs, their efforts are rewarded with food and lots of puddi. . >> we couldn't find any places in the day area. there is one place in tahoe, california. what else is in taho right now? with ur talking about snow and snow men. >> they dusted a fair amount of snow. this is the nirs in teb o ten years. the summit has been opened.
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>> nearly a dozen area resorts are now open. if you like beautiful weather, i don't think our skins ran away with our finding. clear peninsulas, also back in the eet way. >> otherwise, today, not doing a whole lot of late november. rook at these temperatures below 70s in downtown jose. >> nor tonight, a huge drop off. 20-30 drg colder than the daytime highs. >> the largest concern will be like yesterday. we'll have the interstate five
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corridor. if you're heading back into the central value, that's something you'll want to look out for. squl let's take you outside of that live hd sky camera network: you can see you have some traffic but not nearly as much. >> tonight shlgs hopefully, a lot of people just enjoying a little bit of the holiday. we're off to see the same thing in san francisco. that will be in the forecast as we head out tomorrow. >> high pressure is going to build in and keep it pretty much mild. thn, as we head throughout monday, we'll start to get in some grajs wall changes. what is this going to mean for
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your saturday? we'll keep some buck ets. as we head tloult sunday, we'll get back in on this fall's pattern. >> we don't see this too often fwh november. >> not a change expected in sterms of cloud cover. >> as far as those temperatures go, also 342 in live herb mor. and then down here towards the mid 40s coming your way: >> when it comes towet herb and not going to ham r hap for all-time arrival.
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>> on your seven decor fast, we have dry dravlinging weather. and then as where he head throughout winds, thursday, friday after next week, we'll be tracking two dirnt storm systems. some rain, some wind and also sierr oorks snow. so this is my gift te all of you. >> i think i had too much turkey. >> i did, too. well, it has a scenic view. this is the sweetest in town. it's 22 feet tall with over 7,000 piecings of ginger bread and 12 hup pounds for icing. >> everyone wants to taste it.
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wants to heat it, you know. people enjoy it. >> the chef says they have to keep plenty of back up parts. >> coming up, getting the giant fan in your life, a holiday present, shouldn't be hard. at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest
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in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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it's officially an orange and black friday today. the jients joining in the holiday fun by releasing single-seat tick tickets. you can buy them online or at any dugout store through december 23 r 24th. . >> el with, from baseball to fat
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bam, let's go to con tlo ser se. >> reporter: absolutely. everyone is expecting him to start on sunday. but what does jeff harbou kbrks, about d situation. blv
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wl come back. the quarterback controversy continues. but all signs point to colin campernick being the guy. >> ook, so the lyrics deent blast on the song. it might not p the best crew, but it appears the if thorses in
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in place for change. it says caberni krurks k will start on sunday. as you ask expect, he was not at sports coming this afternoon. >> this is not something we think of as an advantage for us to talk about. you no, so be it. >> you can call me names 23 you wants or make sport of me, but that's the way we're going to go ablt it. over six weeks back, richard seymor, will be in the kitchen. beginning with a 50 will have 0 roughen 20 start the third kwaurlter.
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urnt two and a half, sdrops it off and throws it down: warriors down 12 baseball palts. two anded flush. it was something es out there. boy, warriors in big time trouble. >> i think it was fortunate to be halftime. they out played us. we had to leave. >> all right, of course match action would never make that one anyway. janell, too much turkey,
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dressing, stofing, kraen berry sauce with a little built overseas. >> yeah. yeah. we'll let them work that off and then get back into the game. comings up, the late esz app to help with that pounlding headache. stay with us.
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have a headache? well, there's an app for that. a research team is beings frmed. we learned the people that left skrig eres and the west side help with dereiss. >> call a a humg ripe requirement man streak. >> bow, the first dog, was also
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on hand. mrs. obama everybody commentings on the wonderful fragrance. it will be set up in the blue room and deck by the volunteers who turn out every year. actually, it's fwlot that back. you would any it's 30 full: >> it's going to be awesome, plenty of sunshine. our seven-day fore >> thavngs, jeff. >> thank you so much for choining us. account dha that in bay stoets start add. okay, here's the plan.
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